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Sharon Manson: Winner of the Imagine Projects Award for Salesperson of the Year 2021


Understanding customer needs. Strong leadership. Multi skilling. Deep experience working in retirement and lifestyle communities. Commitment to best practice. Exceeding performance outcomes. Empathy. Compassion. And a magnificent age-friendly community. 

These were just a few of the jewels sparkling in Sharon Mason’s crown at the National Retirement Living Awards 2021, held at a gala event on the Gold Coast back in June.  

The annual awards recognise the Australian retirement living sector’s exemplary talent and are a testament to the resilience and strength of the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the world class age-friendly homes and person-centred services we provide older Australians.  

Humble. Proud. Surprised.  

That’s what Sharon felt when she heard Australia’s industry leaders thought she was “the best of the best” as the winner of the Imagine Projects Award for Salesperson of the Year 2021 

It was personal validation for Sharon, who values making a positive impact on people’s lives. 

Close to everything Queensland’s idyllic Fraser Coast has to offer, Sharon Mason is Resales and Community Sales Manager at Hervey Bay Ingenia Lifestyle Communities. It’s a terrific marriage between a fabulous product, personal passion and a professional business leader approach that was demonstrably evident when she was crowned the retirement living industry’s best community sales manager in 2021. 

Sharon reached beyond her 2021 financial sales target – more than twice as far – six weeks early. 

It was also evidence that more older Australians are embracing the transformational age-friendly lifestyle the retirement living sector offers. For good reason. 

There’s plenty of qualitative and quantitative research from around the world to show that age-appropriate-housing in age-friendly communities not only supports healthy ageing, but that it makes for the most economically sustainable health and wellbeing environment.  Indeed, people who live in age-friendly communities feel more secure, happy, healthy, active, independent and in-control. 

Recognised as world class, Australia’s retirement living sector designs, builds and provides more affordable, healthier and safer homes and health and wellbeing services for about 210,000 seniors.