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2023 channel marketing group award for marketing excellence

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NRLA23_Winner Seals_Marketing Excellence

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Channel Marketing Group provides high-end marketing strategy services to property developers across residential, mixed use and seniors living masterplans. Through its two core service elements – project positioning, and project marketing management – they take the guesswork out of project design and feasibility while enabling execution of the marketing strategy at a project level.

Founded by Susan Duffy in 2015, Channel Marketing Group provides a suite of research-based, project positioning services under the REXI™ banner, that can be completed pre-launch or whenever a project requires a re-set. So far, over 70 REXI™ Positioning Reports – each including strategic recommendations – have been delivered across 29 regional and metro LGA’s across Australia.  

Headquartered on the Gold Coast, Channel Marketing Group is powered by a geographically diverse team of professionals with vast skills and experience across property marketing, research, site valuations, communications, business strategy, and more.